Tobago accommodation

Rental Rates

By default, our rates are displayed in Pounds Sterling. Click on the option buttons for a rough guide to the rates in other currencies. Reservations are payable in British Pounds so a degree of currency exchange difference is inevitable when payment is made in other currencies.


20% discount for 7+ nights in SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER 2015

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per Night
per Week

Treetops Lodge
2 A/C bedroom, 2 shower room



Birdsong Lodge
2 bedrooms, 2 shower rooms



Rainforest Penthouse Apartment
2 bedrooms, 1 shower room



Ginger Lily Lodge
2 A/C bedrooms, 2 shower rooms



Coasthanger Lodge
1 bedroom, 1 shower room



Fisherman's Lodge
1 bedroom, 1 shower room



Beachscape Apartment
1 bedroom, 1 shower room



Seabreeze Apartment
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



Shady Mango 1 Apartment
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



Shady Mango 2 Apartment
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



Lime Tree Lodge
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



Hummingbird 1 Apartment
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



Hummingbird 2 Apartment
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



The Studio Apartment
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



Firefly Apartment
1 A/C bedroom, 1 shower room



A/C = Air Conditioned

Terms & Conditions

Rental Period

Our apartments are normally only rented for a minimum of seven days or more. However, we are happy to receive reservation requests for two days or more which fill days between existing bookings.

Payment Terms

To confirm your booking a one third deposit is required. The balance is due 8 weeks before the start of your holiday.

Payment may be made by credit card via our secure on-line service, using the Payment option on the navigation bar. All transactions are payable in UK Sterling.


You may cancel your holiday at any time. The person who made the booking must write to confirm the cancellation as soon as possible. If you wish to cancel your booking and your arrival date is more than 56 days away, we can offer a full refund, save a cancellation fee of £15 to cover administration costs which will be deducted from the refund. Cancellation within 56 days will incur the following charges:

Period before arrival date         Amount of cancellation charge
More than 56 days: Total refund (save £15 administration fee)
56 days - 43 days: 50%
42 days – 31 days: 60%
30 days – 15 days: 90%
14 days or less: 100%

Please note, if you have arranged travel insurance, the charges may be recoverable from the insurance company.

Conditions of Rental

Accommodation at Castara Retreats is let on the understanding that our guests are responsible for their own safety and well-being. Whilst we have taken great care in building the resort with the safety of our guests in mind, many of the walkways and decks are made from hardwood and concrete which can be slippery when wet. These are washed down and cleaned regularly but you need to take care at all times and particularly after a rainfall. All the paths are well lit 24 hours a day – please use the handrails where provided.

We always recommend that all our guests take out cancellation, health and accident insurance for their holiday. Accidents are rare at Castara Retreats but it is wise to be prepared. We do have public liability insurance but this is very low by comparison with the standards in developed countries.

We also want to point out that Castara Retreats has no ownership of, and receives no commission from, any of the support services available to guests, such as Porridge's airport transfers, boat trips on Sun Arise, car hire, or day trips. We include details of such services on our website in order to be helpful to our guests, but we have no responsibility for the quality of these services or for receiving payments towards them.

Please print and carefully read the Notes for Visitors on this website.

Receipt of your deposit or full fee will be taken as confirmation that you have read and accept the Terms & Conditions detailed on this page.

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