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Our Local Management Team

Porridge and Jeanell are the heart of this team: Porridge will call by each day to make sure everything is OK with our clients and to offer advice and assistance. Tobago is a new experience for many people, and though many of your questions will get answered on this web site by browsing through the visitors' notes, more will arise once you arrive, for sure.   Once there Porridge will be at hand to help until you get your feet on the ground. He will also help you organise trips, explain bank opening hours, where to get cash and so on.

Jeanell is also very much part of the team, not only organising the accommodation but also to respond to requests for laundry to be done, or beach towels to be provided. There is a small charge for one of our team to do laundry.  Hermin and the team of local ladies work with Jeanell to clean the accommodations and change sheets and towels every three or four days.

Carrington, who is around four days a week, is responsible for keeping the garden looking lovely, and developing it on a week-by-week basis. Ask him what is in season so you can enjoy, quite literally, the fruits of his care and attention.

In December 2012 Castara Retreats has a restaurant open each evening on the Pagoda, and this is organised by Kenny and Patricia from 6 – 10.30pm.  This is a new service, and clients wanting a meal are encouraged to reserve a table.  Porridge also calls by the Pagoda in the early part of the evening and is available to anyone wanting assistance.

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