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Personal Responsibility, Safety & Health

There are seldom problems to do with security in Castara and few stories of crime within the village. In the last ten years there have been only two incidents of petty crime that included thefts at holiday properties including Castara Retreats. However the thieves were quickly identified and pursued by the police. Although there has never been any violence, we take these incidents very seriously and our manager has discussed them in the village and with the police and we are satisfied that they are very unlikely to be repeated. Nearly all our clients feel very safe in Castara and compared to most family friendly tourist destinations Castara experiences very little crime. However, we recommend that everyone take the usual precautions and care with regard to your valuables. There are security safes in each accommodation. We recommend that you use these for all valuables, cash, passports etc. Likewise on the beach, it is sensible to keep valuables or cash out of sight and not to tempt people by leaving them in the open whilst you go for a swim.

Steve Wooler, who runs the definitive website about all things to do with Tobago, has this comment on

"Although there is considerable room for improvement in police forensic and detection methods, visitors should have no doubt about how seriously the authorities view crime, and particularly crime against tourists, on the island. Even stealing a few dollars from a visitor can result in several months in jail with hard labour. This is little consolation to those affected, but the vital thing to remember is that most incidents of crime against tourists could have been avoided if the visitor had applied the same common sense precautions that they would have adhered to at home.  For example, walking around late at night with flash jewellery and wads of cash are not sensible actions anywhere in the world."

We rent our accommodation to our clients on the understanding that they take full responsibility for their own safety whilst they are in Tobago and at Castara Retreats. Please consider the environment that you find yourselves in and take sensible precautions.

Consider the ocean, for instance, and do not take risks - even strong swimmers can get into problems. There are lifeguards on the beach and a flag indicates the level of safety for swimmers.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with its position and what the different colours mean.
Also please take care around the accommodation and the garden. We are located on the side of a hill, so do watch where you are walking, and use the handrails on the steps. You need to take special care after a rainfall as the hardwood walkways and decks and the concrete paths can be slippery when wet.  These are regularly swept and cleaned but you need to be alert particularly immediately after a rainfall.

Most of our accommodation is constructed of wood, so please do not create a fire hazard. Take proper precautions if you use candles or burn mosquito coils by making sure they are prevented from dropping onto the wood. Please do not use the bird feeders to burn night-lights or candles in.

All accommodations have fire extinguishers.  When you arrive, check where they are positioned and read the instructions on the bottles.

We strongly recommend that as soon as you book your stay you take out full travel and health insurance so that you are well covered in the event of cancellation, accident, illness, and loss of belongings and valuables. 

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