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Check Out & Departure

On your day of departure, we ask you to vacate your accommodation by 10 am so that Jeanell and the cleaning ladies can get in and prepare for whoever is coming after you.

We have been aware for some time that this can be difficult for those clients with evening flights home. So, we have created last day facilities for  you to securely lock up your baggage, shower and change after a swim and sit quietly on the Pagoda with a book, until you have to go to the airport. There is a drinks cabinet available for clients to refresh themselves, and most days Kenny is nearby and can arrange to make lunch for you on your departure day.  These arrangements help to ensure that your last hours are as pleasant as possible until the moment that you head off the airport or next stage of your holiday.

The baggage store also has security safes for you to use on your departure day. Porridge will show you where it is. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security of your baggage and your decision to use this facility is on the understanding that it is at your own risk.

Please respect the check-out requirement as there is no other solution to Jeanell's need to fully clean and prepare for incoming guests. Remember to check with Porridge several days before you leave to agree what time to meet him if he is taking you to the airport.

During your stay, please talk with Porridge and arrange for him to take you to the airport if you need this service of him. He charges $300 tt per couple.

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