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Flight Information

Flights from the UK & Frankfurt

Golden Caribbean/Monarch Wednesday Gatwick
Virgin Atlantic Thursday in high season (Oct-Apr) Gatwick
British Airways Monday and Friday until 31st March Gatwick
Condor Air Monday Frankfurt

Contact information for flights from the UK and Frankfurt

Golden Caribbean operates flights to Tobago from Gatwick via Grenada on the way out. The return flight is direct. Reservations and bookings can be made at

Virgin flights from Gatwick direct to Tobago can be booked on

British Airways flights from Gatwick go via Antigua and can be booked on

Condor operates flights from Frankfurt to Tobago can be booked on

Flights from North America

Caribbean Airlines ( - 1-800-538 2942) -– flies direct to Tobago from New York and to Port of Spain, Trinidad from Toronto, Canada. Most major American carriers also fly to Port of Spain and then you can get the Caribbean Airlines flight onwards to Tobago.

Sky Service operates a charter service from Toronto to Port of Spain, Trinidad through or phone 1-416- 925 2050.

Air Canada ( or 1-888-247 2262 $20 booking fee applies if you don't book online) flies daily from Toronto to Barbados. You can then get a LIAT flight from Barbados to Tobago (takes 55 minutes). LIAT details below.

Flights from the Caribbean to Tobago

Caribbean Airlines ( or (868) 627 5160) flies from Port of Spain to Tobago 12 times daily from 6am to 9.15pm and returns 12 times daily from 6.40am - 9.55pm. It costs $25 U.S. one way and the flight takes 20 minutes. Tickets can now be obtained through travel agents or from in Tobago. They charge $5 U.S. for this service. Here's a link to the relevant page on their website - We have, by the way, no financial interest in Yes Tourism nor do we take any responsibility for any aspect of this service.

LIAT ( or 1-268 480 5601/2 from U.S.) also flies from Barbados and Antigua to Tobago. It has taken over Caribbean Star flights.

Flights to Venezuela

You can fly from Port of Spain, Trinidad to Venezuela by contacting - look for an English button to translate the website for you.

Ferry Service

The ferry leaves Port of Spain once a day (Monday - Friday 2pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 11am) and takes five and a half hours. It costs $60TT return for passengers and $600TT return for vehicles. You can only buy tickets at the ferry office from 7.30am-4pm Monday to Fridays and your car must be boarded two hours ahead of departure time. There is a fast ferry (two hours) too. Schedules for Sundays and Public Holidays vary. Please use the following link for the latest ferry timetables and prices -

Travel Agents

If you have trouble sorting out your North American flight, ask a travel agent for assistance. Most now charge a small fee but sometimes it's worth it particularly if you find booking online a struggle.

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