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Airport Pick-up and Arrival

If you wish, we can arrange on your behalf for you to be met at the airport by Porridge( who will be holding up a sign saying "Porridge"!). You can request the pick-up via our on line booking procedure for the accommodation. Porridge charges TT$280 to meet you at the airport (assuming there are 1-2 people in your party). For family or friends traveling together as a group, he charges TT$280 for up to four and TT$560 for five to eight people.

Everyone knows Porridge and you will easily see him when you arrive. However, if anything goes wrong his phone numbers are:

Home: 660 7702
Mobile : 766 3656

If you are in Tobago prior to your stay at Castara, then Porridge will meet you in the car park at Castara Retreats. You will see our sign on the right as you come down the hill into the village from the Crown Point end of the island. Normally we will have arranged for you to meet with him at 3pm. If you wish to leave your bags in the store room prior to being able to move into your accommodation, then please arrange to do so in advance. Whilst we have had no security problems re the baggage store, we cannot guarantee security so your decision to use the facility is at your own risk.

Wherever you are being met, Porridge will show you where you are staying, carry your bags in, hand over keys, and explain anything that needs explaining e.g. where the spare tank for the cooker is etc.

If you would like Porridge to take you back to the airport on your day of departure then please discuss this with him during your stay. He charges the same price as for your arrival.

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