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Weddings – Tobago holiday accommodation

Castara Retreats is the idyllic location for an authentic Caribbean destination wedding. Situated overlooking beautiful Castara Bay, backed by the rainforest, and framed by mango trees Castara Retreats offers the perfect backdrop for your special day. Our style is simple and focused on fulfilling your vision for the day. We can:

  • Offer personalised wedding packages to suit your interests and budget
  • Work with you to plan wedding ceremonies held up at Castara Retreats or on Castara Beach
  • Organise a minister to hold the ceremony and provide witnesses (where needed)
  • Provide beautiful reception with a range of food options from a three-course meal, to a delicious buffet, overlooking stunning Castara Bay.

Before your arrival, Lorna will work with you to plan your perfect day, and once you have arrived in Tobago, our local managers Porridge and Jeanell will make all the arrangements for you, and ensure that everything runs smoothly and you have a happy day.

Castara Retreats can sleep up to 36 people, and if you have visiting day guests we can offer receptions for larger groups of up to 46. We can also offer wedding packages for those looking to use Castara Retreats as a location for their wedding for the day only.

Organising the Legalities:

To get married in Tobago you need:

  1. Your passport for the tax office visit
  2. Your birth certificate
  3. Your divorce papers (if appropriate)
  4. To be resident in Tobago for three days before the ceremony. Please note this does not include your arrival day or the day you get married. The registry office is closed on weekends and holidays

Fees for Weddings

Below are five examples to give you an idea of the cost based on numbers and typical requirements.  Prices are fixed in Trinidad and Tobago dollars and do not include drinks. 

  • Couple only, no reception
  • 6 people with reception
  • 12 people with reception
  • 20 people with reception
  • 30 people (max) with reception      
  • TTD$7,500 (approx £750)
  • TTD$10,500 (approx £1,400)
  • TTD$13,500 (approx $1,500)
  • TTD$16,000 (approx £1,600)
  • TTD$19,500 (approx £1,900)

Please note these prices are approximates only, and can be more or less, depending on what sort of package you would like to put together. The bottom line however, is it all costs a great deal less than in Britain or America with less hassle and more fun!

Do visit and for more information on weddings and what you need to do as the information we offer here is the best that we have, but we cannot be responsible for its accuracy and suggest that you do your own research as well.

To find our more, please do get in touch with Lorna she can begin exploring with you the possibilities. She also has a detailed brochure she can send you with more information about holding a wedding at Castara Retreats and a breakdown of prices.


If you are coming to Castara Retreats for your honeymoon, we can make it special by adding those extra touches to help make your honeymoon even more romantic. Whether you are seeking a tranquil and relaxed honeymoon or one filled with activities and adventure, we can help you plan your perfect honeymoon. We are pleased to offer honeymooners the following package:

  • Tropical flower arrangement in your room upon arrival
  • Complimentary cocktail on arrival day
  • Flower petals on your bed on arrival
  • Couple’s yoga session
  • Airport transfers both ways
  • Three-course meal in Castara Retreats Scenic Restaurant

We can also include optional extras such as a privately commissioned sunset boat ride with chilled prosecco, our ‘sunset celebration’ which includes a bottle of Italian prosecco with appetizers delivered to your room at sunset once during your stay, and a couple’s Thai Yoga Massage

For more information and prices, please contact Lorna.

Photo by www.celestehartphotography.comPhoto by Andros PhotographyOpen living with door to the bedroomSpacious new pavilion overlooking Castara Bay - the perfect venue for a wedding.

Romantic wedding at Castara Retreats. Photo taken by Andrea Flanagan:

Sunset wedding at Castara Retreats. Photo taken by Andrea Flanagan:

L-O-V-E – weddings at Castara Retreats. Photo taken by Andrea Flanagan:

Romantic wedding at Castara Retreats. Photo taken by Andrea Flanagan:

beautiful bride and bridesmaids. Photo taken by Andrea Flanagan:

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