Castara Retreats

Birds at the Retreats

Enjoy the array of Tobago birds and other wildlife from your apartment

Tobago is a fantastic place for bird watching and every week we have guests who go out into the Rainforest and elsewhere with a guide.  Tobago also has lots of well-trained guides for birding and rainforest walks, and the best of these is Newton George. 

Newton is internationally recognised as the expert on birds in Trinidad and Tobago.  He lives on the island and for many years has taken Castara Retreats guests on bird watching trips.  His knowledge and enthusiasm for birding is boundless and nearly everyone who goes out with him enthuses about their trip.

Recently Newton kindly prepared a list of birds that can be seen in or from the gardens at Castara Retreats, and we were amazed and delighted that there are 70 birds on his checklist.  Download the list by clicking here

We do have laminated copies in all the accommodations in Castara, but if you are keen to keep a record when you arrive then print out a couple of copies and take them with you.  It’s a common site to see birders wandering around the garden, and one of the most popular spots is from the terraced pavilion where our restaurant and bar are located.  This is also a good spot to meet fellow enthusiasts and to exchange information. 

One such enthusiast who has stayed twice at Castara Retreats is John Pringle, and this year he made it his mission to photograph as many birds on the list as possible.  In all he captured 35 birds and these are all found on this page in the thumbnails below.  John did a fabulous job and we hope you enjoy his photos as much as we do, and that you can use this as a tool to assist in identifying the birds on the list.

We are crossing our fingers that John comes back again sometime soon and catches more birds on camera!

Green-Rumped ParrotletMagnificent FrigatebirdBlack-Throated MangoTropical KingbirdGreen KingfisherWhite-Necked Jacobin
Caribbean MartinCarib GrackleBarred AntshrikePalm TanagerOrange-Winged Amazon ParrotRoyal Tern
Copper-Rumped HummingbirdRed Legged HoneycreeperGreen KingfisherRufous-Breasted HermitGiant CowbirdSouthern House Wren
Female Barred AntshrikeWhite Line TanagerBananaquitBrown BoobyCopper-Rumped HummingbirdRufous-Vented Chachalaca
Tropical MockingbirdBlack-Faced GrassquitRufous Breasted WrenWhite-Fringed AntwrenYellow-Bellied ElaeniaBlue-Grey Tanager
Brown PelicanWhite-Tailed SabrewingRed-Crowned WoodpeckerGrey KingbirdSmooth-Billed AniBlue-Crowned Motmot
Shiny CowbirdOchre Bellied Flycatcher

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